Kelley Drye attorneys partner Ira T. Kasdan and associate Mindy B. Pava co-authored The Hill article “Option for deregulation under the Trump administration: Agency non-enforcement.” The article notes that it remains unclear how the Trump administration plans to nullify scores of regulations promulgated and executive actions taken by the Obama administration. While the Trump administration is likely to issue an executive order suspending any new regulation that has not been finalized or published in the Federal Register, but they face a higher hurdle in attempting to rescind final rules that have already been published in the Federal Register and taken effect. Mr. Kasdan and Ms. Pava suggest that officials should consider the idea of issuing an executive order suspending the enforcement of certain rules.

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OSHA has announced that on November 16, 2016, OSHA will be a holding a no-pressure, low key, public meeting to “informally discuss” potential updates to the Hazard Communication Standard.  OSHA invites stakeholders to come and identify topics or issues they would like OSHA to consider in developing its rulemaking.  Stakeholders are welcome to just come and chat with OSHA a little bit about their concerns, no commitment from the side of OSHA, just like friends, see if stakeholders are interested in what OSHA’s got going on for the HCS rulemaking.

OSHA is planning to meet up with stakeholders from 9:00am through 12:30pm at the Mine Safety and Health Administration Headquarters, Suite 700, 201 12th Street South, Arlington, VA 22202. Sounds like maybe a bit of a quick morning coffee date. Maybe if it goes well we can plan on a lunch.